“Native American Women in Excellence”

Native American Women in Excellence presents the Annual Miss Indian Teen World National Scholarship Pageant! This program promotes scholastic achievement and creative accomplishments in music, healthy lifestyles, and personal expression. The young lady crowned Miss Indian Teen World will hold the responsibility of being a role model and will be representing more than 500 tribes in the US and Canada. Miss Indian Teen World has the opportunity to speak and promote education, perform her talent, participate in cultural and non-cultural activities. We encourage our young Native girls to participate in our program as it builds, character, self confidence, and self esteem and offers the opportunity to meet other young women of other tribes.

Miss Indian Teen World National Scholarship Pageant 2016  
 Salt Lake City, Utah

 Official Pageant Dates: October 20, 21, 22, 2016 -   Salt Lake City, Utah 
Join us for one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have in your lifetime.


We are on a Nation Wide Search for
“Crowning Tomorrow’s Future Leader Of America’s Indian Youth Rising Star”
Miss Indian Teen World National Scholarship Pageant 2016

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